Xavin’s List Subpages

Xavin’s List Subpages is a WordPress plugin that allows you to show a list of pages in a page. By deafult it will show the subpages of the page that it is on, but it will accept any of the options the wp_list_pages template tag will except ‘title_li’ and ‘echo’. It is very simple to use, just put the shortcode tag [xls] in the entry for your page where you want the list to appear.

There is one option in addition to the ‘wp_list_pages’ ones. Specifying a ‘css_class’ will override the default of ‘xls_list’ for the class of the surrounding ‘ul’.


WordPress 2.5.1+


Here are a few examples of valid tags.

Shows two levels of the subpages of the current page:
[xls depth=2]
Shows all children of the page with id 10, excluding pages 13, 15, and 33:
[xls child_of=10 exclude="13, 15, 33"]
Shows all pages, shows the last modified date of each page, and changes the ul class to ‘specialclass’:
[xls child_of="0" show_date="modified" css_class="specialclass"]

Check the wp_list_pages documentation for all of the possible options.


Xavin’s List Subpages v1.3 on

Old Versions

No old versions available.