Back in Houston

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007 at 5:47 pm

I seem to have a lot in my head to write about lately, so I will once again attempt to post here regularly. In November I decided that ten years in East Texas was enough and none of the reasons I had for staying were valid anymore, so I moved back to Houston. So far, I love it. The only thing I miss is Fugler’s, since despite being the eating out capital of the world, with over 9000 restaurants of all kinds, I can’t find a place with a good hamburger. There are plenty of places with passable ones, but nothing even comes close to Fugler’s so far. It’s mind boggling considering that Houston is geographically in East Texas even if culturally it might as well be LA, and there is no good reason why a Fugler’s quality place shouldn’t be here somewhere.

I always have people look at me like I’m crazy when I say it’s much faster to get around in Houston than back in Marshall or Henderson. As long as It’s not rush hour, or construction, I can get from where I live at 290 and the Beltway to the Galleria area in less than fifteen minutes. Back in East Texas, it took forty five minutes to get to a decent restaurant, and even then there were only a few to choose from. I think people just get zoned out when they are driving on rural highways and don’t realize how much time they are wasting regularly just to get to the store.

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