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Thursday, February 6th, 2003 at 5:12 pm

1:22 pm
I really need to update most of the sections on here. I think I am going to drop the ranking of books and games and just list the best ones. The old ones haven’t gotten any worse, but I have found new stuff that I think needs to go on the lists. I also want to add a TV show section.

Speaking of TV, the more I think about it, the stranger it seems. Recently, within the past 10 years or so it seems like the quality of TV(at least some of it) has gotten much better. Old TV shows seem very weak in plot and execution compared to modern shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alias, West Wing, and Scrubs. Even taking in to account that shows were done on a lower budget and with older technology, I can’t find a single pre mid-90s show that can hold up to the current best shows.

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