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Sunday, November 10th, 2002 at 5:07 pm

12:47 pm
Once again it has been a long time since i even looked at my site. There was a long time when I was getting over the Melissa thing where I really didn’t have much to say at all about anything. I think that is mostly over now, and I recently realized that I do have things to talk about now. As to whether anyone actually reads this, I am not sure and I don’t care, but it does always suprise me when I randomly run into somone who knows who I am.

First, for anyone still wondering, the answer to what happened with I have half of the whole storied saga written up in a long essay that will eventually get posted at once I finish it, and probably after I graduate. The short version is that the ETBU administration as a whole and President Bob Riley in particular do not like dissenting opinions from students. You can argue for days over how much freedom should be given to people at what points in their life, and how the best way to live as a Christian is, but Riley would rather run the school his way and not hear other opinions, especially when they are pretty radical from a traditional “Baptist” point of view.

The reason we abandoned was that we got tired of fighting and even a little scared for our future at ETBU. We put up a good fight for a year and a half, but then we got tired of the constant comical uselessness and impotency of the SGA and had a few personal incedents with Riley himself. We moved off campus, which put the day to day ETBU ultra-conservative hardships behind us, and then they once again blocked us from all campus computers. We decided to just let it die. Another chapter in the continuing story of students at ETBU fighting for sanity in a definitively insane environment, in line after The Judge and ProtractorX. Sometime after that, the forums got hacked and we just took it down. I do think we accomplished some good things, at least for a while and I am sure the flag will be carried on in some form by other students. I wish you better outcomes than we had.

I guess that’s enough for now.

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